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Puncture Resistant Bike Tyres

Puncture resistant cycle tyre

Punctures have been the bane of cyclists for years. The puncture resistant cycle tyres available from Soren's Cycles have proved to stop most punctures.

These special tyres have a puncture protecting guard built into the tyre which resists sharp objects such as thorns from puncturing the inner tube.

Many customers report they've enjoyed years of puncture free cycling since purchasing puncture resistant bike tyres from Soren's Cycles.

The tyres are available in nearly all sizes and a range of different tread patterns. If you would like any more information about these tyres, please don't hesitate to contact Soren's Cycles.

Soren's Cycles is unable to guarantee any cycle tyres are puncture proof. However, many of the puncture resistant cycle  tyres sold at Soren's Cycles have, over many years, proved to stop nearly all punctures.